About Stacey

Clarity Unleashed is what I want for you, as much as I want it for me. It starts with clarity about our identity in Christ, our personality, preferences, spiritual gifts, and ministry calling. It’s also about unleashing your clarity in your world, which desperately needs it.

I’ve held many titles in my career and within ministry. I’m most proud of the opportunities I have had to mentor and develop others. One of my favorite passages in the New Testament is Ephesians 4, which paints a picture of the body of Christ coming together with no confusion, no power struggles, and no hierarchy. Just believers who each know their purpose, and step into that purpose for the benefit of the body.

Let me help you gain and unleash your clarity. Because God placed you here, in this time and place, for a purpose. There is a gift He’s given to you that the community desperately needs.


Stacey Wynn is a coach and ministry leader. Stacey’s expertise stems over 20 years of Fortune 500 business operations leadership, and 10 years of private coaching. She is recognized for her ability to bring clarity and creative solutions to her clients during life and ministry transitions.

Stacey received a Bachelor of Science in Economics, with honors, from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She achieved a Six Sigma Greenbelt certification, and is a Certified Practitioner of the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and SYMBIS. Her passion for coaching also extends into holistic wellness. As a certified Health Coach, Stacey is keenly aware of the importance of wellness strategies during transitions.

Stacey is currently pursuing her Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Leadership Cognate, with an expected completion date of December 2021. She and her daughter live in Orange Park, FL.