About Stacey

Clarity Unleashed is what I want for you, as much as I want it for me. It’s being clear about our identity in Christ, our personality, our motivation, our spiritual gifts, our ministry calling. And then it’s about unleashing that clarity in the local church, the community, and a world that so desperately needs it.

I’ve held many titles in my career and within ministry. I’m most proud of the opportunities I have had to mentor and develop others. To help others gain clarity about career paths, ministry callings, and difficult life changes.

Within this journey I’ve discovered that my own clarity improves as I build these relationships. Isn’t that the benefit of community? Ephesians 4 paints a picture of the body of Christ coming together to perform as God intended. There’s no confusion, no power struggles, and no hierarchy. Just Christians functioning with a clarity of purpose, for the benefit of community.

Let me help you gain and unleash your clarity. Because God placed you here, in this time and place, for a purpose. There is a gift He’s given to you that the community desperately needs.


Stacey Wynn is a leadership consultant and coach. After her 20+ year career in corporate leadership, Stacey completed an internship at a local church and discovered that churches suffer from the same leadership issues that corporations do. She developed a leadership curriculum for her church that pairs professional assessments with ministry training. She has also built an individual coaching program for women, called Clarity Unleashed.

Stacey is currently pursuing her Masters in Divinity from Liberty University. She and her daughter live in Orange Park, FL.  If you are interested in having Stacey speak or conduct training for your team, contact her directly at stacey.b.wynn@gmail.com.