Community: Filling in the Blanks

Why do we strive to belong to a community? Take a moment to consider the following fill-in-the-blank worksheet and see how you might best complete these sentences.

community fill in blanks

Do you feel more safe when you’re in community? More accepted?  Maybe you filled some of these blanks with the following words: Community, Family, Friends, My Spouse, My Church. Any others?

We often search for a place to belong; a place or a person that accepts us for who we are.  What, or Who, are you searching for?

Now go back to the handout above and CROSS OUT your answers. I’ll explain more in my video. See you there.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my first video. I would love to hear your feedback, or speak to you directly.  If you’re interested in coaching, let’s get together soon. Simply book a free session with me HERE.


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